Apollo vs. Infinite Monkeys

You have probably heard of the Infinite Monkey Theorem: The idea that if a monkey sits tapping at a keyboard for an infinite amount of time, eventually that monkey will write Shakespeare’s Hamlet.

Crowdsourced “copy services” are popping up like crazy, bearing the Infinite Monkey Theorem to truth. Drone writers tap away at keyboards, hacking¬†“cut-and-paste” content together for $5 an article.

But there are caveats.  The Google knows Infinite Monkeys when it reads them. It dislikes meaningless, redundant content. Ho-hum.

Even if The Google approved, that $5 article can’t sell .05 of product. Sub-par, non-specialized writers might unwittingly include claims that get you in trouble with the FDA. Equally cruddy, plagiarized dollar-bin content could get you sued.

Commodity writing fails to realize the phenomenal potential of effective nutritional supplement copywriting.

Natural health is a lush topic. There is no shortage of new avenues and angles to explore with your nutritional supplement writing. And when you do it well, with original, helpful supplement information… product sells.

Even better, The Google loves that you are bringing something new to the collective.