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 100 SEO supplement landing page articles. Carefully balanced keywords, written to please The Google.
 A 32-page custom-published print health magazine. 30K copies, 3rd-Party. Landed Jane Seymour as cover.
 15 sell sheets created for post-FDA warning overhaul. Achieved near compliance for speedy legal review.
 300+ short nutritional supplement web descriptions. Nutritional benefits and sell points to prompt quick buy.
 26 weeks of email newsletter content creation. Plus email template reboot. Doubled list’s clickthrough rate.
 10 “Call to Action” consumer articles. Focus on DSHEA, Nutritional Supplement Innovation & Health Freedom.
 17 professional product sell sheets. Copy for labels, brochure, web and more. Doctor-distributed supplements launch.
 120 sell sheets on aromatherapy essential oils. Emphasis on history and usage, complete with 240 novel “recipes.”
 21 sell sheets, plus brochure, taglines and ads. Rush project, 21 sell sheets in 2 weeks. Anti-aging product line launch.



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