What is Apollo Press?

Apollo Press is a writing agency for the nutritional supplement industry.

What is “Supplemental Copywriting”?

Apollo coined this term to describe copywriting about nutritional supplements. Our services are also used to “supplement” internal marketing and copywriting departments.

What kind of projects do you work on?

We write across all supplement marketing channels, with projects like direct mail & webpage copywriting, educational content marketing, Google writing, third-party publishing. supplement claims, research backup… see our project page for more.

Let’s get down to brass tacks, man. How much does Apollo cost?

Our minimum fee is $2500 for any copywriting engagement. That’s about 25 hours’ worth. To see what that might get you, check out some general pricing on our supplement copywriting page.

Why does The Google love Apollo so much?

The Google is evolving. It can now distinguish good writing from bad; valuable, unique content from cut-and-paste nonsense. Gain Google’s favor with Apollo.

What is Third-Party Publishing?

Consumer education unlocks peak supplement sales.  Apollo’s publishing arm produces custom-created booklets and magazines that sell like crazy.

What is this “FDA-Friendly” jazz about?

After 10+ years in the industry, we are familiar with FDA guidelines. We are not FDA lawyers. However, we can bring your product close to target with FDA-friendly, DSHEA-conscious product claims.*

Do you do design?

We can handle all design at an additional fee. Visit our projects page to see Apollo design samples. We can also create no-frills third-party websites for you. For many clients we simply  provide “just the text.”