We Publish For You.

Boost Your Supplement’s Sex Appeal. 

Apollo’s custom third-party publishing magazinesbooklets and websites educate consumers on your supplements in an irresistibly compelling way.

  • We have a talented team of published natural health writers.
  • Our creative team includes award-winning magazine designers.
  • We have done print runs from 5K to 1.8 million in quantity.

More Into Digital? Try an Apollo VitaZine™.

Besides print, we do dynamic flash and HTML5 digital mags about nutritional supplements. We call them VitaZines.

VitaZines are viewable on iPads, tablets, laptops, desktops and smartphones. Here’s how they work:

  • Commission a new or existing turnkey VitaZine publication.
  • We Customize the VitaZine with your products, ads and links.
  • You Distribute your VitaZine across emails, social media and site.

Infinitely shareable and trackable, VitaZines are your ultimate supplement marketing tools for the new age. We can start your VitaZine today.

Contact us today to discuss how third-party credibility across print and digital can make your brand the leader of the pack.